Are you thinking about selling your house in Rhode Island? If so, you might want to consider a few home improvement projects prior to listing your house for sale. One of the hottest design trends in decades is the use of barn wood, reclaimed lumber, old wood and salvaged material. To some, it might seem strange to include old material in your new remodeling project, however, the quality that you find in these old wood boards, is not found when you buy new wood from Home Depot, Menards or other home improvement stores like Lowes.

Wood salvaged from old barns, schools, churches, bridges and other buildings from the 1800’s has a tight grain that you don’t find in the young trees that are currently being used for construction and remodeling projects.  Old barn wood can be used to build new kitchen cabinets, as flooring, wall paneling, counters, bar tops, shelves or furniture. Innovative companies are even making floor tiles or backsplash tiles from old wood. Your Newport realtor can help you to determine which home improvement projects will provide the best return on your investment.

It’s no secret that a home that has been spruced up or remodeled prior to being listed for sale will sell faster and for more money. The trick is to balance the amount you spend with the value that potential buyers will place on those projects. The best real estate agents spend their days going in and out of homes throughout the community. They know what the competing homes in your neighborhood look like and are well position go give you advise on what projects you should take on.

So, you’ve decided that you want to include barn wood or other reclaimed lumber in your project and now you need to go about finding a company where you can purchase the wood. A few local suppliers are listed here for your reference.

Recalimed Lumber and Barn Wood Stores

Northeast Millwork Corp – They are located in Tiverton, Rhode Island and supply pine flooring and other reclaimed lumber.

Jarmak Corporation – Jarmak sells reclaimed lumber, wall paneling, yellow pine, white oak, softwood, hardwoods, timbers, decking and joists.

Craigslist – Check craigslist for local suppliers who may be offering discount or cheap reclaimed lumber, timber and other barnwoods.

Other Reclaimed Lumber and Barn Wood Suppliers

Old Grain Co – MN based reclaimed lumber company selling barn wood and other reclaimed lumber, timber, antique and other old wood. They primarily service the Minneapolis, MN area, however, they indicate on their website that they ship nationwide. They also have a Yelp profile.

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood – A very established supplier who has been selling old wood since 1988. They ship across the country and affordable prices.

If you decide to include reclaimed wood in your home remodeling project, be sure to send us a few pictures of the results. We would love to include them on our website.


  1. I am putting my house on the market in December or January and was thinking I should make a few small updates to get the house ready to sell. I’m thinking about doing two reclaimed wood walls as well as a new fireplace mantel. Do I need to apply any sort of a finish to the barn wood or can I have it installed as-is? I am looking for a cost effective option. I’ve heard that some people are using natural wood products such as Rubio Monocoat. Is this a good option for the old wood?

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